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Tim Wherley
Dr. Aaron Lahman
About Us

Starting Monday May 4 we are back!  There are a few announcements.  1.  We do require that you wear a mask.  2. Optical is doing appointments for glasses.  Call the office 330-343-3213 or text 330-366-2667 to set up a time.  Contacts can still be picked up at front but please call to let us know you are coming.  That is so we can keep the appropriate number of people in the office.  3. Doctors are seeing patients but not at full schedule yet.  Again this is to give time to do new cleaning and keep the appropriate number of people in the office.  4.  Only the patient will be allowed in, unless help is needed, we ask that the driver wait in the car.  Again so we have the appropriate number of people in the office.

5.  We thank you for staying with us during the time we had to shut down.  

 God bless and thank you.

 Tim and Aaron


At Wherley Optical we have been in the eyecare business for over 50 years.  We truely believe that your eyes are for a lifetime and we want you to be our patients and for your family and friends to be our patients.  We have seen many generations of patients who have seen my grandpa, my dad, and I.  


It started with my grandpa Dr. Harold Wherley MD.  He was an ear, eye, nose, and thoart doctor.  My dad Dr. Dan Wherley OD and my uncle Dr. Ben Wherley MD, opthalmologist.  Both my dad and uncle have retired but my cousine Dr. Andy Wherley and I continue on in the eyecare business.  


We have been joined by Dr. Aaron Lahman OD and Dr Tom Perkowski at our location.  

You may order contact lenses through this site.  At the bottom of this page is an email form or you may text us your order at the above number.  Just fill in what type of contacts you need and how many boxes you would like.  We will check your Rx and make sure it is up to date and then notify you when they come in.


You may also schedule an apointment through the email.  Just give us a day and time that would work for you and we will see if that is available.  We may email you back with some times that are close to that as the Dr Lahman may be booked for that exact time.  This only works with Dr Lahman at the moment.


Our staff is here to serve you.  You may call us at 330-343-3213 or at 330-364-5024.  We are here to help you and if you do not get the answer that you need please let me know.  Tim


We do it all at Wherley Optical.  We fix glasses, do contacts, we help you learn to put them in at no cost and take them out, and we sell almost every frame you can think of it seems.  We take all sorts of insurance.
We fit almost every brand of contact lens.  We have every type of eyeglass lens you could think of.  We adjust your glasses bought here at no charge, we do the same for VA glasses. 
Our Services


Dr. Aaron Lahman
Tim Wherley
Our optical staff
Jessica Young,
Emma Hern
Our Team

Specials and Coupons will appear in this page.  

Print this page out and receive $20 off frame and $20 off lenses with an exam by Dr Lahman, one per customer


Our Address

658 Boulevard ST

Dover OH 44622

Hours of Operation,
no not the game

Monday 8:30-5:00 Tuesday 8:30-6:00 Wednesday 8:30-5:00

Thursday 8:30-5:00 Friday 8:30-5:00 Saturday 8:30-11:30

Closed Saturdays in July

phone 330-343-3213 or 330-364-5024

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